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Start using Sirius with Obeo Designer Community edition, a ready-to-use package including only Open Source technologies.

Note: This package integrates Sirius 6.6.0

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Required configuration  

  • 2 Ghz 64-bit (x64) processor
  • 1 GB of available system memory
  • At least 500 MB of available space on the hard drive for installation
  • JRE version 8

Note for installation on Mac OS  

As Obeo Designer application is not signed yet, it can be considered as damaged by Mac OS

Here are three workarounds to install the product on this platform:

  1. After unzipping Obeo Designer and before the first launch, move it to another folder
  2. Open a terminal and lauch ./
  3. Remove the quarantine status
    • Open a terminal in the folder containing the .app
    • Executre: xattr -d
    • Double clic the .app

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Need Collaborative Features?

Obeo Designer Team edition allows you to store your models and representations (diagrams, tables, trees) in a shared repository to facilitate collaboration with your other team members.

Latest version is Obeo Designer Team 11.5 based on Sirius 6.5

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